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Welcome to Aditya Machinery.

We are dealing in the field of metal spinforming machinery tools in India. These machinery introduced & marketed by us. Under the registration trade mark of DENN.

DENN was established in 1885 and has the oldest machine-tool manufacturer license in Spain.


We use best technologies in industries.


Since its establishment in 1885, DENN has manufactured metal spinning machinery. Its models have gradually evolved, from the primitive manual lathes to the current machines operated by computer systems.

Flow Forming

Thanks to the resources and research, development and innovation that denn has dedicated to this area of technology, we are world leaders in the sector. We have supplied our equipments to the biggest companies of this sector.

Shear Forming

Shear forming, also referred as conical flow forming (concave and convex flow forming) or shear spinning, is an incremental metal forming process similar to metal spinning. angle ß of the final part.

Trimming, Beading & Flanging Operation

The technology used for trimming, beading, and flanging operations, among others, is similar to that of metal spinning, incremental deformation,..


The machinery designed by DENN for the closing of tubes in high temperatures is prepared to work with pieces at temperatures over 1000º c, which allows the manufacturing of containers for fluids at high pressure without welding.

Rotary Forging

Based on the theories of incremental deformation, the Rotary Forging machines, compared with those of traditional forging, require a smaller investment in tools and machinery for its users.

Wheel Rim Flow-Forming

The manufacturing of wheel rims with flow-forming processes improves the molecular structure of the material and, consequently, its hardness, which allows a weight reduction up to 20%.

Pulley Forming

With the machinery manufactured by DENN, trapezoidal and poli-V pulley grooves, among others, can be built with shaping and/or split processes based on previously drawn drafts without any loss of material.



Great acceptance of the new spinning machine, “NTR” and the new “INDUSTRY 4.O” concept

Great success during the most important trade show for metalforming in Europe that took place last October in Hannover, Germany, from the 25th until the 28th. Read More..

New machine for Poly V pulleys formed by profiling

Due to the two stations built into the machine, the cycle time is reduced up to 47% compared with a conventional single station machine. Read More..

INDUSTRIAS PUIGJANER launches a huge 'flow forming' machine

RL-180/435 CNC is a metal flow forming machine capable of manufacturing cylindrical, hollow, seamless pieces with extremely accurate dimensions, which go up to 1.8 m diameter, Read More..

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